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With the ever increasing demand for survey-based market research, many researchers face a growing mountain of survey data that they need to make sense of. We provide our clients with the tools and services they need to effortlessly transform their raw survey data from white noise into visual storytelling and actionable insights.

Insight VX helps us get our data imported and converted quickly and easily. In just a few simple steps the data is ready to run tables, and a whole lot more in-depth analysis if required.

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Insight VX for Web & Desktop

Insight VX, designed for researchers by researchers, is an end-to-end visual analytics platform that lets you see the whole story that lives within your market research data.
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Insight VX Online

Insight VX Online is a complete data analysis and dashboarding platform for the web, designed specifically to visualise survey data and present it in a compelling way.

Run analyses with the easy to master drag & drop system and build interactive dashboards that you can fully customise to your unique requirements.

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Insight VX Desktop

A comprehensive suite of tools for managing, analysing and visualising data. Powerful and easy to use, Insight VX lets anyone transform their survey data into insights in just a few clicks.

Import your own data into a single repository, run analyses by dragging and dropping variables and visualise your results with customisable grids and charts. Export results to PowerPoint or Excel with a single click.


Data Portal

Enjoy access to a huge repository of proprietary and public domain data sets, right at your fingertips.
With over 120 data sets available (and counting), you can be sure that we’ve got your data needs covered.
Download, import and start analysing in just a few clicks!
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Data Services

Cutting edge companies rely on cutting edge data. We offer our clients a wide range of consulting, support and technical services to ensure their market research data needs are met.
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Data Fusion

Utilise your existing data to create the ultimate consumer survey. Our proprietary fusion technology fuses existing data sets to create a single, enriched source of insights.

Data Science

Statistical analysis of market research data;  survey sampling & weighting;  Net Promoter Scores;  forecasting; netting & aggregating;  transposing;  and much more …    


We create and edit beautiful, interactive dashboards that track, analyse and display your key insights in one place. Dashboards are uniquely tailored to your research requirements. 

Data Conversions

We offer conversions of survey data into all industry-standard formats. Data is further enhanced for analysis through cleansing, calibration, label formatting and tree structure creation.


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