One important aspect of enjoying life is to set oneself some goals. In my case, having gained 10kg after the birth of my first child, I decided to make it a physical goal. I could try a good diet but I believe dieting can only get you so far and in any case, chocolate is the only thing that gets me though the day when I’ve had little to no sleep. And now, with the Tim Noakes banting diet plan out there it really gets confusing.

So what goal have I set for myself? I decided to do the Sanlam Cape Mile swimming challenge in Grabouw early in 2015. Yip, 1.6km! Something to keep me fit and hopefully shave some inches of my belly. But..I haven’t even started training and no, I have never swam a mile before. Hey! It’s all fun. My thoughts is that I can at the very least “doggy paddle” to the other side or hitch a ride with a boat or someone if I really cannot go further.

Now that I have entered I feel good about my future self. Hope he will put in all the miles needed before the race. I’m really counting on him. Time to have a chocolate;)

Written by: Daniel Venter