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SA Youth Face Health & Education Risk

The Bureau of Market Research (BMR) at the University of South Africa (Unisa) recently released a research report regarding the sociodemographic profile of South African youth (14- 24 years). The study shows similar gender profiles for youths’ educational attainment but highlights clear population differentials in terms of access to medical aid, formal housing and toilet [...]

SA Youth Face Health & Education Risk2019-04-04T10:29:16+02:00

Online Safety Among Secondary School Learners In Gauteng

BMR study reveals disturbing findings on online sexual grooming and exposure of school learners to pornographic material. The Youth Research Unit (YRU) of the Bureau of Market Research (BMR) within the College of Economic Management Sciences (CEMS) at the University of South Africa (Unisa) recently conducted a ground breaking Internet safety survey among 1 500 [...]

Online Safety Among Secondary School Learners In Gauteng2019-04-04T10:29:16+02:00

Time to Swim

One important aspect of enjoying life is to set oneself some goals. In my case, having gained 10kg after the birth of my first child, I decided to make it a physical goal. I could try a good diet but I believe dieting can only get you so far and in any case, chocolate is [...]

Time to Swim2014-11-18T15:42:38+02:00

Google Consumer Surveys (part 1).

Affordable Research, Accurate Results. “According to a Public Policy Polling survey, most Americans find lice and colonoscopies more appealing than Capitol Hill.” – Ron Fournier, American Journalist, 1963. Let’s face it, if you have a question (or two) that needs answering or are urgently needing an opinion on some or other matter, there’s no shortage [...]

Google Consumer Surveys (part 1).2019-04-04T10:29:17+02:00

South Africans Better Off

South Africans are a pessimistic crowd of people believing that the present is not very good, and that the future will be worse. The media in South Africa certainly spends a lot of time convincing us of this.However, we can measure this more objectively: LSM is a measure of living standards that considers what you [...]

South Africans Better Off2019-04-04T10:29:17+02:00

Education in South Africa

It was the #1 on the UK, USA and other hit parades in 1979. It was the ANC Youth League’s battle song. It was banned by the National Party in 1980. It is remembered as ‘We Don’t Need No Education’. If you were 10-20 years old then (now you’d be 40-50) you are unlikely to [...]

Education in South Africa2014-10-17T14:43:08+02:00

A World Without AMPS

In view of the alarming standoff between the media owners and SAARF, I’ve been asked by SA Marketing Magazine to reflect momentarily on a world without AMPS, as there seems to be a perception in some sectors of the media industry that nobody is actually addressing these issues. Firstly that perception is incorrect. Interested parties [...]

A World Without AMPS2019-04-04T10:29:17+02:00