The Essentials of Cross-Tabbed Data

Since the concept of cross-tabbed data is so important to the use of the
InsightVX, I decided to write a small article to try and explain how the basics
work, as it might be a difficult concept for someone new to the software platform to grasp.

Most of the data is represented as a rectangular grid (or matrix) […]

Time to Swim

One important aspect of enjoying life is to set oneself some goals. In my case, having gained 10kg after the birth of my first child, I decided to make it a physical goal. I could try a good diet but I believe dieting can only get you so far and in any case, chocolate is […]

Google Consumer Surveys (part 1).

Affordable Research, Accurate Results.

“According to a Public Policy Polling survey, most Americans find lice and colonoscopies more appealing than Capitol Hill.” – Ron Fournier, American Journalist, 1963.

Let’s face it, if you have a question (or two) that needs answering or are urgently needing an opinion on some or other matter, there’s no shortage of online […]