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With over 120 proprietary and public domain data sets available for download through our data portal, we have your market research data needs covered. All data is formatted and structured for optimal analysis on the Insight VX platform.

Public Domain Data

AMPS: Extensive survey of the South African population covering products/brands & traditional media consumption.

Afrobarometer: An independent, non-partisan research project that measures the social, political, and economic atmosphere in Africa.

FinScope: Survey to measure and profile the levels of, access to, and uptake of financial products/services (both formal and informal) in a particular country, across income ranges and other demographics.

MAPS: A free, limited version of the survey is available to download.

RAMS: Survey of the radio listening habits of South Africans.

ROOTS: Demographic information as well as intelligence and insights into buyers’ behaviour at a community level.

STATS SA: Data available from Statistics South Africa includes the Quarterly Labour Force Survey, National Census, Community Survey, Travel Survey, and more.

PAMS: South Africa’s reading currency designed to achieve an accurate measurement of reading behaviour across multiple platforms to enable the buying and selling of advertising and advertising space.

Proprietary Data

MAPS: Built on the legacy of AMPS. Made for Marketers and Media Planners, the survey measures and tracks audiences to enable the buying and selling of advertising.

BrandMapp: A unique, independent, landscape study of economically active South African adults with access to the internet.

Brand Atlas: An ongoing survey about brands, and the people who use them. The survey data provide a basis for identifying, sizing, valuing, and describing the different segments in each consumer market sector.

BMR: Studies with a focus on demographic, economic, business, household wealth, behavioural, communication, youth and consumer neuroscience.

TGI: A complete profile of media consumption (print, TV, radio and online), product and brand usage, attitudes, motivations and beliefs, and other consumer behaviours.

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