Data Services

We help unlock your research data's full potential

Softcopy clients benefit from the most advanced market research data expertise and solutions in the industry. From the world’s leading data fusion and survey sampling technologies to bespoke dashboard creation services,  data management solutions,  and more . If you have market research data, we’ll help it give your organisation the edge.   

Data Science

We place data science at the heart of our data service offerings, with our primary focus being on helping our clients manage the complexity of their data to transform it into a fully exploitable source of insights.

+ Statistical analysis of market research data
+ Apply forecasting algorithms to predict future trends
+ Survey sampling and weighting
+ Market segmentation
+ Net Promoter Scores
+ Netting, aggregating, transposing
+ Ad-hoc/novel data science solutions

Data Fusion

Our proprietary data fusion technology allows for unprecedented accuracy in fusing market research data sets to create enriched, super surveys. It provides researchers with the opportunity to split surveys questionnaires across multiple respondent groups, thereby enhancing the quality of responses, which are reliably fused back into a single data source.

+ Fuse existing data sets to create a new, enriched data source
+ Fuse survey subsets into a single, unified data set

Data Conversions

We offer conversions of survey data into all industry-standard formats. Data can be stored and accessed in a single, secure repository. Numerous data enhancement options are also available during the conversion process.

+ Convert research data into desired format(s)
+ Cleanse and calibrate data
+ Label formatting and tree structures

Dashboarding & Automated Reporting

Constrained for time, but need a custom dashboard built to display key research findings? We offer a fully tailored dashboard building service, uniquely crafted to your specific requirements. Add additional value for your existing clients and impress prospects with a 100% branded white label dashboard.

Need access to a wide selection of public and proprietary data sets? 

Take a look at our complete data set download catalogue.