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Available on your mobile device and desktop PC, Insight VX gives you the ability to investigate your data from anywhere. Work individually or collaborate on projects with team members in the cloud, and share your results with anyone. Alternatively, go offline and generate insights right on your desktop.

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Desktop Survey Analytics

Insight VX is a purpose built survey analytics platform for all of your survey data analytics needs, providing a seamless end-to-end analytics experience. Import your data. Run analysis. Create dashboards. Export and share the results.

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Data Management

Insight VX Online Dashboarding

The online version of Insight VX is a dashboarding and analysis platform fully hosted in the cloud. Built from the ground up to handle the complexity of your survey data, Insight VX lets your data tell its story through compelling dashboards that provide actionable insights.

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Online & Always Available
Dashboarding & Reporting
An incredibly valuable tool for our marketing team, helping us keep up to date with our market and consumers.

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